Gisborne Masters Football Club



Gisborne v Sunbury
23 April 2017

Big day of footy at Gardiner Reserve today against Sunbury. Credit to both clubs to be able to put two strong teams on the park.

The 45s kicked the day off, looking to break a losing record from the past couple of years. However, Sunbury shot out of the blocks in the 1st quarter to build an early 4 goal lead. The Gissie boys worked hard in the second quarter only to lose a bit more ground on the scoreboard. It was after half time that the lads started to even up the contest, giving themselves a chance to sneak back into the game. Despite their best efforts, Gisborne couldn't close the margin come the final siren. Best players for Gisborne were Bernie, Finchy and 'Fingers' Wilson.

The 35s then took to the park. Whilst Gisborne dominated possession and time in the forward 50 in the 1st quarter, poor kicking for goal meant the margin at quarter time was under a goal. In the second quarter Sunbury started to get more of the ball, making it a very even quarter. The Gisborne back six were fantastic, repelling many attacks. At the end of the second quarter Sunbury took a lead, although still under a goal. The 3rd and 4th quarters followed a similar pattern, with no team able to kick away. In the end Sunbury managed to keep their noses in front to secure a hard fought win. The best players for Gisborne were Stevo, Richie and Sos.

A big thanks to Nico and Nash for umpiring both games, Mick P for strapping the boys up the keeping them on the field, Frank and Kempy for waiving the flags, Tate for running the scoreboard, and Beardy, Bundy, Fingers, Brett O, Chucky and Mark C for their help with the post game activities.


Gisborne v Sunbury
02 April 2016

The triple header (Ladies Day, 45s and 35s) against Sunbury last fortnight resulted in a great day for the club.

- The Ladies Day attracted around 45 of our extremely patient partners, who enjoyed great food, drink and company throughout the afternoon. The ladies also dug deep to raise $300 for the Bullengarook Specialist School, is there nothing they cannot do? Ladies Day obviously would not have been the success it was without the wonderful job Brett Overend did organising the day. Brett also received fantastic support from Kim, Kate, Amy, Frank, Kuz and Bundy, who helped prepare and serve throughout the day. A special thanks also goes to Evoke Medispa Gisborne for their support of Ladies Day, providing the ladies massages and a gift bags.

- 45s: A team full of new faces lined up for battle. Wearing the new look jumpers, confidence and enthusiasm was sky-high. However, many are saying the 45s game was won and lost at the toss of the coin (or the lack of a toss, hey umpire). Sunbury jumped out of the blocks with a handy wind advantage and never gave up the lead. Inaccurate kicking from the Sunbury team kept Gisborne in the game, with Gisborne battling hard to get within two goals at the final siren. Overall it was a great game, with both team eagerly awaiting the return leg in Round 9.

- 35s: A full strength 35s team took to the field to kick the year off on a positive note. With Sunbury having a number of players backing up from the 45s game, it was always going to be a tough task to hold back the doggies. With the midfield getting plenty of the ball, and providing great supply to the forwards, the final result was a comfortable one to Gisborne.

Gisborne v Glenorden and Sunsine Heights
17 April 2016

Round 2 involved the mighty Gisborne Masters travelling to Werribee to take on Glenorden (45s) and Sunshine Heights (35s). Four full teams were presented on the day, which is a credit to the Glenorden, Sunshine Heights and Gisborne Clubs. Tony also stepped up to alleviate an umpire shortage, well done mate!

- 45s: This was a big game for the 45s on two fronts, firstly because we had been unable to knock over the Glenorden team for a number of years, and secondly because Macca’s short tenure as 45s coach was starting to face some scrutiny due to the lack of success (we now have a president willing to make the tough calls – unlike Collingwood’s and Richmond’s presidents). It was another slow start from the Gisborne lads, a start that couldn’t be blamed on the umpire this time. The back six were working hard to stem the tide, with Jas being a pillar of strength and repelling the numerous forward entries. At the first siren Glenorden had taken an early four goal lead. After a quarter time spray from Macca, who highlighted a lack of discipline and accountability, the Gisborne machine clicked into gear. With a slight wind advantage in the second quarter, Gisborne closed the margin to two goals at half-time. In the ruck Bernie was starting to dominate in the air and around the ground, and up forward Lyndon provided a strong target, throwing himself into every contest. After the half time break Gisborne took control of the game. The onballers JB and Matt Finch were in and under, and Sticks, Mark C and Stevie were carving up the opens spaces (heck, even Kempy was finding space). Going into the last break Gisborne had drawn even, and continued that momentum to finish three goals up at the final siren. A great performance by the team, particularly considering there was only one on the bench for the whole game. Well done Macca on your first ‘W’. Onwards and upwards from here.

- 35s: The 35s game was very much a one-sided affair, with Gisborne’s greater experience and talent in full flight. The onballers received great supply from the Penny brothers in the ruck, and kicked long and deep into the forward line where the likes of Danny, Squeakr and Duke took full advantage. Down back our greatest threat was from friendly fire (I still have the stop marks down my leg Stevo). At the first siren Gisborne had piled on seven goals to none. The second quarter looked to be following a similar pattern. However, much to Sunshine’s credit, they stepped up their defensive effort and slowed the scoring. There was no easy ball. Simon relished the contest and was dominant across the half-back, combining well with Youngy to mount many forward attacks. At the half, Gisborne had a 12 goal lead, although were starting to suffer from an extended injury list. In the second half Stevo and Angry were moved out of the backline and onto the ball. Their ability to run forward of the ball (and not so much in the other direction) ensured they were able to kick a couple of majors in the final half. However, their absence from the back six was influential with Sunshine scoring their lone goal of the game in the third quarter. It was about a 20 goal margin at the final siren, as even the score-keeper had stopped counting. Well done to the lads.

Gisborne v Gippsland
30 April 2016

Due to popular demand (OK, Perks asked if I would do a write up), I provide a wrap of the Round 3 game against Gippsland. Obviously I have been hesitant about writing this, noting that Danny Klaaysen only had five kicks for the game, all when I was playing on him in the Gippsland Tigers colours, and all being goals. Anyhow, we move on.

The scheduled Saturday evening clash against the Wellington 35s and Gippsland 45s eventuated in only one 45s game against Gippsland, with Wellington unable to get the numbers to put on a 35s game. The Gisborne 45s turned out with a full team, primed from their breakout win of the season against Glenorden. Angry and myself generously offered to suit up for Gippsland, who were down on a few numbers for the bench. Unlike previous weeks, Gisborne jumped out of the blocks. Indeed, Gippsland struggled to break through their half forward line. In the centre Donny put injury aside to contest in the ruck, giving the onballers plenty of opportunity to clear the centre square. Up forward Jimmy and Danny were providing strong targets, with Puss dominating at ground level. To end the first quarter, Gisborne were up by four goals.

The second and third quarters saw Gippsland’s confidence growing, with the ball spending the majority of the time in their forward half. Jason and Cam worked hard to repel Gippsland’s multiple entries into the forward line, linking up with Mark (Conroy), Smiley and Ron on the wings. Up forward all the talk was about the events of the previous evening, such was the dominance of Gippsland. By the end of the third quarter Gippsland had hit the lead by three points. The fourth quarter ended up being very much a defensive affair, with both teams struggling to find a way to goal. In the end it was a brilliant solo effort from Rhino off half back, feeding Puss inside 50 that resulted in Gisborne kicking what was the winning goal with 90 seconds left on the clock.

Well done to the Gisborne and Gippsland teams for putting on such an entertaining match. The game was played in great spirits, it was 45s football at its finest.

Gisborne v Geelong
15 May 2016

It is not a round of Masters football if the El Presidente does not add to his ever expanding low-light catalogue. On the weekend I really stepped it up with a couple of notable mentions, and a real cracker. The notable mentions included the delivery of a pin point handball directly to the opposition player on a surge into our forward line, and kicking one goal, five behinds for the 45s team in their narrow loss. However, I managed to erase all memory of those events when I parked myself under a high ball in readiness to take what should have been a relatively simple chest mark. In the end I made the simple quite difficult by face planting the ball, resulting in a dropped mark, double-barrelled blood nose and a fat lip. The laughter from Tommy was audible throughout the wider Geelong area.

As is tradition, the game against Geelong was for the BeyondBlue Cup. The winner of the cup is determined by the aggregate of the scores from the two games. We were the current holders of the cup and were very interested in bringing it back home with us. On arrival to Geelong we were presented with gale force winds, which was obviously going to have an impact on our normally exquisite skills. The 45s game was up first, with Captain Ron Geisler leading the mighty Gisborne boys out. Ron masterfully won the toss, enabling Gisborne to kick with the wind advantage. Both teams took some time to adjust to the wind, with the majority of the first quarter being a scrappy affair. Smiley adapted to the conditions better than most and was dominating across the half back. Up forward Bob and Woodend Mick (if it was not obvious, Mick helped out from the Woodend Masters team) were getting plenty of the ball. By the end of the quarter Gisborne were a couple of goals up.

Things opened up in the second quarter, which was not a good thing when you were kicking against the wind. As a result Geelong piled the pressure on our back half. Cam (Fullback of the Century) and Gary Wilson defended strongly time and time again. Bernie also pushed deep into the backline, taking multiple intercept marks. Up forward Rocket injected himself (into the game) linking up to be involved in a number of scoring assists. At the end of the second quarter the Geelong team turned the tables to take a couple of goals lead. With the wind again in the third quarter, Gisborne worked had to peg back Geelong’s advantage. Macca stepped up in the middle and the ever elusive Sticks was getting plenty of space on the wings. Unfortunately for Gisborne we (me) were not able to make the most of our chances, ending the quarter still a goal down.

The last quarter ended up being an evenly fought out contest, which is credit to Gisborne who were kicking against the wind. Finchy continued to work hard to influence the game and scoreboard (minimal influence on the scoreboard) and Spider presented strongly from full forward. However, most of the work was done down back, with the back-six and onballers defending well. In the end Geelong got the chocolates by 19 points.

The Gisborne 35s (and most of the 45s) then took to the field. Kicking against the wind in the first quarter the Gisborne boys demonstrated some great run and skills. Bernie contested strongly in the ruck, and from there BT, Will and Stevo moved the ball into our forward line. Across half back Simon had the ball on the string, judging the windy conditions better than anyone. Such was the performance of Gisborne in the first quarter, we went in with a slight scoreboard advantage at quarter time. In the second quarter the game did not open up as expected. Both teams took advantage of limited opportunities on goal. Dave (better late than never) Kraljik was important in and around the centre square and Ritchie and Mick Schober were dominating across half-back. At half-time Gisborne continued to hold a slight advantage.

The message at the half-time break was that if we worked hard to maintain the lead against the wind in the third quarter, victory would be ours. The Gisborne boys put their heads down and got to work in the third quarter. Tommy provided a target up forward and kicked a couple of important goals. Dan Fitzpatrick and Youngy were well on top of their opponents and the team as a collective worked hard defensively to maintain the lead. By the time the three quarter break arrived Gisborne still held a slender lead.

With a lead going into the last quarter, and with the assistance of the wind, a victory should have been a formality. However, eight quarters of football started to show on a number of players. For the first half of the last quarter Gisborne slowed to a walk. Geelong took advantage and bridged the gap, tying up the scores with about 5 minutes left to play. Geelong then moved into their forward 50 again, and looked set to take the lead. A game saving tackle by the Fullback of the Century (Cam) saved what was a certain goal. The tackle also shifted the momentum back in Gisborne’s favour, who were able to put the final two scores on the board to take out the game by 7 points.

At the end of the day the BeyondBlue Cup went back to Geelong, which was disappointing. However, the effort put in by the guys that turned up to play the two games was nothing short of fantastic. They represented what the Gisborne Masters Football Club is all about, ‘Football for Fun’.

Gisborne v Ballarat
29 May 2016

Gisborne v Melton
19 June 2016

Gisborne v Samaria Suns (Benalla)
03 July 2016

On Sunday a hardy bunch of Gisborne Masters footballers travelled to the Tatong Recreational Lake Reserve to take on the Samaria Suns (Benalla). The bus was loaded up, for what was planned to be a sociable journey home later in the day, and off we went. I think we got to the 80 sign in New Gisborne when the first cans were cracked, and ominous sign for 9 o’clock Sunday morning. So in the end progress to Tatong was slow, with Woody demanding stops at Riddells Creek, Romsey, Lancefield, Seymour and Violet Town, before we finally got to Tatong.

An inspection of the ground on arrival saw an early injury to Tony (what is he Chriso?). The only positive thing about the inch of water that covered the whole ground was that it hid the two inches of mud beneath the water line. Nevertheless, there was a big crowd (yes, a BIG crowd) to play in front of so away we went. Squeakr took on the responsibility of being captain and won the coin toss without a coin being tossed or the umpires being present. He ‘picked’ his end and everyone else fell into line.

It was a horribly slow start by the lads (hangover already!?), which saw the Suns piling on the goals. The only positive from the quarter was when ‘Donuts’ Klaaysen quick hands lead to a brilliant goal by Chriso. Comfortable he had done enough, Donuts left the ground for the remainder of the game to not trouble the statistician (again). At quarter time we were 5 goals to 1 down.

Bernie gave the boys a rev up at quarter time, and sent us out to play harder and more accountable. The whole team stepped up and started to demonstrate Gisborne Masters football. BT was everywhere and Richie was busting packs. Squeakr was getting plenty of space and providing a great target at half-forward. A 2 goals to 1 quarter saw Gisborne edge closer at half time. Indeed, the margin could have been closer if Tommy’s two set shots were not brilliantly smothered by the worms in the ground (ask him about it).

With confidence growing the Gisborne boys continued to chip away at the Suns lead. Woody was making it look like dry football, pin pointing targets and pushing forward to kick goals of his own. The backline repelled all attacks, led by Jas, Nick and Youngy. Come three quarter time Gisborne were only 15 points down and within reach of an unlikely victory.

We would need a few party tricks in the last quarter to get the job done and Lyndon produced one early collecting the ball hard against the boundary line in the pocket and kicking a miracle. A chest mark by Chriso in goal square shortly after had us only 2 points down, with only a couple of minutes remaining to play. The Suns lifted again and sent the ball forward. Both teams then proceeded to play stacks-on for the remaining minutes, neither able to clear the ball. In the end the Suns kicked a goal on the siren to run out eventual winners.

The game was played in fantastic spirits, which is a credit to the Samaria Suns as a new club. The Suns also put on a great spread at the Tatong Tavern, even supplying us with pizzas for our bus trip home. I can see this game being a popular one in future years.

The boys boarded the bus home, exhausted and thirsty. A quick stop at the bottle shop in Benalla (a slight under-estimation in supply) and we were back on the Hume heading for home. We had a stop at the Balmattum Truck Parking Area, a turnaround 20 kms down the road at Euroa to go back and get Stevo’s phone left at the Balmattum Trick Parking Area, and then several other stops. By the time we got to the Broadford turn-off the boys had found their voices, singing songs of encouragement and support about other individuals on the bus. Arrival at Sankey could not have come sooner, and concluded a great day. A big thanks to those who put their hands up to play, Mick for driving the bus (and taping us together) and Bernie for picking up and dropping off the bus at Bacchus March.

Gisborne v Moorabool Valley
17 July 2016

Two games, two wins. Not a bad effort against a very strong club in Moorabool. Indeed, I understand the 45s haven’t had a win against Moorabool in 13 years.

The day kicked off with the 45s game. On arrival to the ground Macca had eight confirmed players. By the first bounce 24 players had arrived! Moorabool were down on a few numbers so Gary and (Woodend) Mick threw on a Crocs jumper to even things out. The boys kicked against a very strong wind in the first quarter, which has traditionally resulted in a bad outcome overall. However, to their credit they managed to contain Moorabool well, whilst chipping in for a couple of goals. Bernie was dominating both in the ruck and around the ground, ensuring no easy Moorabool goals. At quarter time Gisborne were down by 10 points.

The second quarter with the wind gave the boys a chance to pile on some goals and that is exactly what they did. With great team work the ball moved into the forward line freely. Mark C and Nico were dominating on the ball and all the forwards were getting chances in front of goals. By the end of the second quarter Gisborne were a couple of goals up. In the third quarter Moorabool started to gain some momentum back, keeping the ball in the forward line and kicking a number of unanswered. Some were suggesting that Nico’s decision to change jumpers at halftime could have been the difference. The signs were ominous as Macca sent players to flood the backline. At the end of the third quarter Moorabool grabbed the lead by a couple of goals to set up an exciting final quarter.

Gisborne played their best quarter of football of the year in the last quarter. They piled on the goals with Lyndon kicking his typical bag. By the final siren Gisborne were 4 or 5 goals up. Well done Macca and the lads

The 35s game started as a 16-a-aside affair due to both clubs struggling for numbers. This was an important game for Bernie as coach, noting the 35s were on a two game losing streak. Tony generously gave Moorabool the wind advantage in the first quarter, and we were away. Moorabool were not able to take advantage of the wind with Gisborne effectively running the ball into the wind. Mark Mc was dominating at fullback, while Nick and Youngy were enjoying the space on the wings. At quarter time the boys held a small advantage.

With the wind in the second quarter the goals were being piled on. Buck was busy up forward and kicked a nice goal off the ground. Tommy also found his kicking boots and was dobbing them from everywhere. At halftime Gisborne were up by five goals. The third quarter become a bit more of an arm wrestle. Gav Penny was influential (when playing for Moorabool) taking a number of nice marks. Gisborne were getting plenty of marks inside 50, but struggled to convert against the strong wind. At the end of the third Gisborne maintained their five goal advantage.

Both teams went through the motions in the last quarter. Gisborne put on a couple more goals to see them take out the game by eight goals and take the monkey off Bernie’s back for a couple more weeks.

During presentations I had the pleasure of presenting framed jumpers to our Platinum Sponsor, Westar Truck Centre – Isuzu, and Gold Sponsor, G.J. Gardner Homes. As mentioned during the presentation, the support we receive from our great sponsors enable us to continue to be a successful club both on and off the field. So thank you to Westar Truck Centre - Isuzu, G.J. Gardner Homes, RAMS Gisborne, Kyani, Spatial Surveying, Peter Cole Garage Doors & Fittings, Gisborne & District Community Bank, Castello’s, Foodworks, Hydes Quality Drycleaners and Brumby’s Bakery.

Gisborne v Sunbury
31 July 2016

The football gods were smiling on us on Sunday with the sun shining brightly and the ground having more grass than mud. Having said that, how big is Clarke Oval!! Peter ‘Pinocchio’ McMahon’s pre-game speech to the boys included a statement that Clarke Oval was no bigger the Melton’s MacPherson Park oval. Whilst the fact that we are all continuing to play football well past our due date suggests we are not that intellectually advanced, give us some credit!

Anyway, on the 45s game. Sunbury have had the wood over Gisborne on previous occasions, but Gisborne were coming off some good from and looking to challenge strongly. Early in the first quarter Sunbury were dominate, trapping the ball in the forward half and peppering the goals. However, a combination of poor kicking and strong defence saw Gisborne limiting Sunbury’s scoring. Fullback of the Century (Cam) and Gary W (who deposited most of the contents of his lungs on centre wing before the first bounce) were impenetrable. Those lads were linking up well with Nico, who was carrying on his good form from the previous game. As the quarter wore on Gisborne started to move the football forward and from limited opportunities managed to sneak in two valuable goals. By the quarter time siren Gisborne held a slender three point lead.

The second quarter started off as an arm wrestle. That was until the Sunbury boys started to expose a lack of accountability from the Gisborne team. Whilst the back six continued to battle hard, goals were starting to leak. Sunbury banged on four unanswered goals to take a strong lead closing on half-time. To the Gisborne boys credit they never gave up and one last push forward resulted in Craig delivering a perfect pass to Tony in the goal square for a nice goal (it killed me to write that) right on the siren.

The third quarter was very much a defensive affair, with no team able to greatly influence the scoreboard. Gisborne’s mid-fielders were continuing to get plenty of the ball, with Finchy, Macca and Bretho working hard both ways in an attempt to gain the advantage. Unfortunately for Gisborne they were not able to kick a goal for the quarter, while Sunbury added a couple more to lead at three quarter time by six goals.

Fatigue was setting in and therefore the ability to close a six goal margin would seem to be too great. But no one told the mighty Gisborne boys that. Whilst the first half of the final quarter didn’t result in much scoring, in the final ten minutes Gisborne kicked into gear and started banging on the goals. Daryl was huge in the centre, even pushing forward to kick a team lifting goal. Lyndon was also up to his final quarter tricks, which saw Gisborne draw within 10 points with a couple of minutes remaining. Unfortunately, Gisborne were not able to convert on a number of subsequent pushes forward, meaning the final deficit remained at ten points.

The 35s took to the field with the best numbers they have had all season, a new old coach and ‘Big Red’ with his large and loud supporter base. The first quarter was a tough and tight affair, with the scoreboard probably not reflecting how close it was between the two teams. The Gisborne half forwards, Tommy and Simon, were enjoying the space of Clarke Oval and converting all their opportunities. Having said that, they were getting great supply out of the centre with big Gav Penny dominating in the ruck. At the end of the first quarter Gisborne were up by four goals. The second quarter continued in much the same vain, however Gisborne didn’t have as much influence on the scoreboard (the new old coach may need to spend some time in front of the white sticks with his U10s team). The backline was withstanding everything Sunbury threw at them, with Dave, Stevo, Mick and Mark contesting well in the air and on the ground. Dickie and Troy were playing great games on the wing, always finding space to receive the ball coming out of the defence. At half-time Gisborne extended their lead to six goals.

In the third quarter the new old coach continued not to disturb the goal umpires, whilst providing plenty of entertainment for those watching on from the sidelines. Fortunately though we had plenty of others with the kicking boots on, with Jac and Troy slotting a couple of very nice goals. Richie couldn’t get enough of the tough stuff and often took on multiple opponents and won. Again Gisborne stretched their lead, and headed into the final quarter eight goals up.

Sunbury dominated the early parts of the final quarter, putting on three unanswered goals to effectively double their score. Gisborne steadied again however, to respond with a couple of goals of their own. Come midway through the final quarter both teams were starting to look for the final siren, with plenty of stoppages seeing he clock winding down. At the final siren Gisborne ran out comfortable winners by six goals, to end an extremely enjoyable day of football.

Gisborne v Echuca
13 August 2016

Gisborne v Moorabool Valley
28 August 2016


Gisborne 47s v Glenorden
01 April 2012

Round one saw the old Bulldogs head down Werribee way to play the new team in Vic Country, Glenorden. The oval was in great condition (although huge) and the weather saw the follicly challenged reaching for the sunscreen.

Tony was captain for the day, won the “toss” and kicked with the breeze. Gisborne were full of running but kicked inaccurately and didn’t really get value from their opportunities. Pearcy came out with all guns blazing and played the best footy we’ve seen him play at Gisborne. Paulo asked Kenny to go out and get 10 possessions for the quarter and we recon he came pretty close.

The Bulldogs extended their lead in the second term, managing to keep the ball in their forward line. This was due in part to Glenorden continually kicking the ball to Sticks on the wing and the desperation shown by the Gisborne forwards.

As both teams got tired on the big ground the game developed into a bit of a struggle. Gisborne were still getting the majority of clearances at the stoppages with Gavin Glennister, Bruce Wilson and Macca all dominating around the ground. Johnny Grant was showcasing his talents up forward and providing an early contender for goal of the year, showing some candy then turning onto his left for one of his three majors.

Despite the efforts of Stan at full back, Glenorden fought back in the third quarter recovering some ground on the scoreboard but Gisborne’s fitness saw them comfortably hold on in the final term to record their first victory of the year.

GISBORNE     18. 10. 118
GLENORDEN  5.  1.   31

Granty 3, Lyndon 3, Bruce 2, Tony 1, Diesel 1, Sticks 1.

Kenny, Macca, Stan, Sticks, Gav, Gary.

Gisborne 47s v Colac
29 April 2012

Today as our 47’s enjoyed the bye our 35’s headed down the highway to tackle Colac. With the return of club favourites BT & Johnsy the job would be made easier.

The first quarter saw the doggies jump to a handy lead thanks to Leigh “Steven” Bradbury and Danny “Dancing Queen” Klaaysen dominating up forward and the Bartlett like crumbing and goaling of Matty Todd.

The second and third terms went pretty much the same way with our onballers in Johnsy, Dickie and Stevo getting plenty of the pill. This was due to the great rucking of Gav & Dean Penny. Once again our backline played a huge part in stopping many Colac attacks and turning them into Gisborne goals, the Duke, Hoff and Slids were all standouts.

The last quarter saw Colac rewarded for their efforts by outscoring a tiring doggies outfit, but the damage was already done and another convincing win was had. Highlights of the game included “Dancing Queen’s” goal kicking (not his accuracy but where the ball might end up???) and also a Gav Penny goal which resulted in a trademark dash back to the centre with arms flailing in the air.

Big thanks to Gaz, Angry & Perks who pulled on Colac jumpers to help out with numbers. All three were easily in Colac’s best 18. Thanks also to Stevie McGee, Kelly, Mick and Tony Andrews for their help and support on the day.

GISBORNE  23. 12. 150
COLAC         3.   3.   21

Gisborne 47s v Geelong
03 June 2012

The 47’s played Geelong at Gardiner Reserve in cold but fine conditions on Sunday. Hopes were high after the previous games last quarter capitulation. The return of some stalwarts like Donny, Bundy, Karl and Stan gave the home side a lift going into the game.

The trend was set early when Gav won the first ruck contest, the ball moved forward and Rod booted a goal, in the first 15 seconds of the game. Gisborne’s midfield ran riot with the likes of Bruce and Macca continually pushing the ball into our forward 50 (it’s a shame most of us can only kick 30). Stevie McGee managed to get the ball close enough to score a couple early and Gisborne were well up at the first break.

The rest of the game continued in the same vain with Geelong having no answer to Gisborne’s continual forward moves. During the afternoon several Gisborne boys swapped jumpers to help out the opposition. Thanks Mick, Coley & Stan but remember Geelong’s hoops are not flattering.

Some interesting moves were made during the game. Paulo moved to full forward where he kicked three goals. A lightweight Donny running into contests like he was going to knock the opposition over (he didn’t). Karl going into the forward line in the last quarter, declaring he would kick four (result nil). Gary “bloody” Wilson kicked his first ever goal after quietly moving forward.

Thanks to all the helpers on the day, Bretta, Stevie & Mark as Goal umpires and Nico & Mudgie as field umpires, a tough job but without you we wouldn’t have a game.

GISBORNE 18. 10. 118
GEELONG    5.  1.   31

Stevie, Paulo, Bruce 3, Johnny 2, Gary, Bundy, Tony, Kenny, Rod, Donny, Gav 1, (Karl minus 4)

Gisborne 35s v Melton
17 June 2012

For the first time a number of years, the Gisborne 35’s went down to a better side against Melton on the weekend. Having won the toss and decided to kick to the end with the wind assistance, Melton started the game strongly with a decisive clearance. From the onset it was apparent that Melton had intensity and a desire to compete that Gisborne had not come up against in recent games.

For 4 quarters the game was typified by contested and accountable football, where physical tackling, defensive running and unconditional effort were crucial to achieving results on the scoreboard.

Gisborne struggled to obtain any significant run and attacking ball movement from the backline, often being forced wide by Melton’s defensive forward pressure. Across the middle of the ground Melton’s speed and height trouble Gisborne’s ability to win first use of ball ups. Our normally prosperous forward line battled with some strong contesting and an attacking Melton defence that generated many of their inside 50 attacks

Whilst Gisborne struggled on throughout the game, at each break Melton were able to widen the gap on the scoreboard to win by 5 – 6 goals.

We look for to our next opportunity against Melton.

Gav Penny, Ritchie McGibbin, Chris Fenn, Leigh Bradberry


Gisborne 35s v Melton
03 April 2011

Well the season has rolled into action again and the Bulldogs kicked it off with a hard fought victory. Firstly lets welcome aboard new dogs to the Kennell in no particular order, Woody, Leigh, Woosha, Stevie Turner, Ritchie, Nick Peavey and also a cameo appearance from the accurate Klaaysen, Cory that is.

Gisborne were a bit slow out of the blocks and let the fast starting Melton outfit kick the first major. The first term saw Gisborne pepper the goals, however due to a big night on Saturday, Danny's radar was off and the Bulldogs could manage 3: 6 to melton 1 goal at the first break. The second quarter was a more dour effort with the ball going from end to end, albeit that neither team coverting to the scoreboard and the score at the long break was 4: 8 tto melton's 2: 2.

The third quarter saw the Bulldogs take control as Woosha, Bretta, Rosco and the strong Gav penny taking control at the bounces and being able to deliver to Snake, Nick Peavey and Cory Klaaysen who were able to convert on the board. The dogs went into the last break with a 7: 10 to 3: 2 leed and the message from coach kemp was not to stop, even though the bad preparation had finally taken it's toll on Big Danny Klaaysen who had to retire for the afternoon.

Gisborne answered coach Kemp's request and the midfield ran hard, the forward's kicked straight and were ably assisted by a height restricted backline that played well after losing Beardy and Ritchie who both got nailed by the dreaded "Old's Mans Disease" calf strains.

GISBORNE 11. 12. 78
MELTON     4.  5.   29

Bretta, Rosco, Woosha, leigh, Woody.

Gisborne 47s v Bayside Saints
10 April 2011

Well the season opener was a beauty against Bayside Saints on a great Sunday afternoon perfect playing conditions and no excuses.

All players wore black arm bands from both sides to a mark of respect for Steve Simpson and the Simpson family and a minute silence.

The game started and the Gisborne midfield were firing giving us first use on the ball with donny,kenny,wayno,gary and crew dominating and giving our forwards plenty of opportunities, Paulo kicking a great goal on the run from 65 metres and bouncing through for the first major score.

The backline was fantastic in the first quarter not giving a sniff to the Bayside forwards led by Karl,mick,perks,Doug,pommy and co.

First quarter scores Gisborne 5 goals 1 behind to Bayside 1 goal 1 behind.

The second quarter saw a total domination by the Bayside saints kicking 4 goals 1 Behind to Gisborne 1 Behind ,Gisborne stopped doing what they did in the first quarter and let the Bayside saints right back in the game.

Then at half time the coach lost the plot giving his team a spray like no other ,asking his players to lift and be accountable and play like they played in the first quarter. All players responded all over the ground and lifted to the occasion and outscored the opposition , hard running all over the ground and accountability to man up made game turn back Gisborne’s way, with 1 goal 1 behind Gisborne to 1 behind Bayside saints.

Well it was game on, going into the last quarter and all players were asked to lift. So every player lifted in all positions the backline where mean and tight only allowing 1 goal for the quarter, the midfield also rose to the occasion and ran hard with good running wingmen in Irwin and brun,donny and Gavin winning the ruck contest giving first use to our onballers , kemp was dominating at centre half forward with hard gut running, the forwards got two goals in the last to put the game out of reach of the Bayside saints.

GISBORNE            8. 5. 53

Andrews 2, Pearce 2, Brun 1, Williams 1, Mills 1, Callaway 1 Surgeon


Gisborne 35s v Geelong
01 May 2011

Gisborne Bulldogs got on the bus for the trip down to Corio Bay to field two sides in a double header against Geelong in what was looking like being a bleak Sunday in May. With the welcome additions of first gamers Jimmy Marsden, Dave Kraljik and born again first gamer Cameron (Dook) Ducas the Gisborne outfit looked in fine fettle from the first bounce. Big Gav penny who was adjudged best for the dogs gave the engine room 1st use all day and the procession of ball into our foward line was amazing. Danny Klaaysen was good up foward albeit that he kicked 3 goals 6 points and it was also good to see Ryan O'Meara fresh back at CHF after his exhausting 7 day ordeal on the Kakoda track.

So with the engine room up and firing all day the Gisborne boys were able to control the match and ended up with 11 different goalscorers. Better players for the day were Gav Penny, Rosco, Bretta and the rest of the team all put in a good effort.

Special mention should go to Chris (Angry) lee who got the "Mug of the week" for applying to much Grippo to his hands and after attempting a tackle on his Geelong opponent around the tackle region ended up with a "Hairy hand". Much to the amuzement of the other bulldogs.

GISBORNE  16.  11.  107
GEELONG    1.    2.     8

Danny 3, Ryan O 3, Puss 2, Snake 1, Billsy 1, Gav 1, Rosco 1, Bretta 1, Leigh 1, Sticks 1, Nico 1.

Gisborne 47s v Geelong
01 May 2011

The over 47’s made the bus trip down to Geelong on the weekend to find themselves playing in slippery conditions with drizzly rain being the order of the day. Donny and Kempy were fired up in the middle and gave Gisborne the advantage going forward while Stan, Mick and Karl stood up in defence, repelling any Geelong attacking moves. By quarter time Gisborne had only scored one goal, courtesy of a trademark 50 metre bomb from Paulo. They had most of the play but wayward kicking meant they only held a slender lead.

The second term was an arm wrestle with neither team gaining any advantage. The conditions lent themselves to dropped marks (Tony) and fumbles (Kenny) and by half time the game was in the balance. Gisborne gained the ascendancy in the third quarter with a couple opportunistic goals to Leigh Callaway, but again failed to capitalise on having most of the play with inaccuracy again proving a downfall.

Gisborne held on to a one goal lead going into the last quarter and as the coach pointed out “If we can keep them scoreless we should win.” Problem was that Geelong kicked two quick goals to take the lead and despite all the efforts of the Bulldogs (including hitting the post in the last minute) Geelong held on.

Both teams ended the day commending each other on the spirit in which the game was played and mug of the week went to Donny as he made the biggest contribution to the “out on the full” tally. Again we say thanks to the trainers (Mick, Rowdy) and to Millsy for driving the bus.

GISBORNE  4.  10.  34
GEELONG   6.   3.   39

Callaway 2, Pearce, Brun 1.

Brun, Kemp, Prater, Callaway.

Gisborne 35s v Ballarat

Gisborne hopped on the bus on a cold early may morning and made their way up the highway to an even colder Ballarat. After watching on as the 47's took control and more importantly Kenny Grech was carted off to hospital in a groggy state due to tackling accident the 35's started preparing for their clash with the younger Ballarat outfit.

The backline welcomed back Matt Mudge and were further bolstered by 1st gamer Braithe McClure whilst the midfield also welcomed back Ryan "Woosha" Mccarthy, however coach Kemp was mortified when he received the dreaded phone call he never wanted to get when Rosco rang to say he was working and would not be able to play. The game started with the Ballarat players dressed in the traditional pink socks of "Breast Cancer" day and the obligatory pink football was used all day, however the Bulldogs were definitely out to get their fix of pink all day. The Dogs were in charge all day with the "Engine Room" given first use all day by big Gav Penny and the backline repelling all advances by Ballarat with Ritchie Palmer leading the backline at CHB.

With the onballers getting 1st use in the centre it was fair to say that our forwards were fed like a family of five at Smorgies "all you can eat" Buffet. Danny Klaaysen was given every opportunity to kick a bag and did not let his fellow Bulldogs down by kicking 10 straight. Giving Danny support up forward were Snake Taylor and also Ryan O'Meara who got their chance to put their snouts in the trough with 4 goals each and even big Gav Penny chimed in with 2 goals, although most forwards seemed to have trouble all day making the pink sherrin spin the correct way.

The game was played in great spirits with the Dogs running out healthy winners, Better players were Gav Penny, Danny Klaaysen, Ryan O'Meara and also Tony "Puss" Morris who worked well all day and continued with another of his "Gut Running" displays.

The next round sees the Dogs take on Sunbury in the Local Derby and the Dogs are keen to continue their winning ways. With this home game and the fact that we are staging our "Sponsors & Ladies Day" we will be looking for a helping hand from all Bulldogs members.

GISBORNE  21.  8.  134
BALLARAT   1.   4.   10

Gisborne 47s v Ballarat

Well the Gisborne 47s got on the bus with the young 35s boys and headed off to Ballarat on a cool Sunday morning.

The first qrt saw Kenny grech getting knocked out and taken to Ballarat hospital by ambulance, suffering from severe concussion and later to be known bruising of the brain, yes you heard right bruising of the brain ,it even shocked Kenny to know he has got a brain, but on a serious note Kenny is ok and recovering at home.

The game was stopped and restarted after Kenny was taken to hospital, with all the boys getting their mind back on the job, which was pretty tough thing to do.

The second qrt then restarted and the midfield team got on with the job with Donny winning the ruck down to new old recruits Steve fatso McGee and sticks and pretty boy taking control and giving the forwards plenty of opportunities with Lynden finishing with 5 goals and kempy 2 and sticks 1 goal on debut with his new 47s side.

The backline was fantastic led by Karl,Stan,perks,mick,Doug, pommy and co, only allowing 2 goals 2 behinds for the entire game.

We had winners all over the ground with Erwin and Brun dominating on the wings and all the forwards creating goals for Lynden and Kemp. Pearce ,Crick,Wilson,Callaway,Coxy, where all putting forward pressure on the Ballarat backs which created turnovers and goals for Gisborne.

It was a great team effort by all specially after seeing Kenny going down in the first qrt. Special thanks to all those who went straight to Kenny’s aid when he was injured and made sure he was in good hands and safe and well.

GISBORNE  8.  4.  52
BALLARAT  2.  2.  14

Lynden 5, Kempy 2, Sticks 1.


Gisborne 35s v Sunbury

Gisborne Bulldogs were back at the Gardiner Kennel for the much anticipated grudge match against next door neighbours Sunbury, however the match never really reached those lofty heights as the Bulldogs were once again able to control the ball and give numerous entries to Danny and the boys up forward. With the Bulldogs faithful watching from above at the annual Bulldogs Ladies day the boys in the middle were unstoppable getting almost all of the centre breaks and with it first use for Danny Klaaysen and the boys up forward. Danny was well assisted by new Bulldog Mark Swartze who was welcomed to the kennel and played the part that the "Tip Rat" Wayne Bills usually plays at Dannys feet.

The dogs were on top in the midfield and down back were lead by Ryan O'Meara who fitted into the CHB role like he had been there all the time, Brett taylor and Ross Johns were good all day through the middle and Woosha also did well through the middle and was at the bottom of most packs when the whistle sounded. The Bulldogs were well in control at the long break and coach Kemp reminded them of the ten years of floggings at the hands of the Sunbury outfit and called on the Dogs to attempt to keep the Sunbury boys goalless, a feet which was looking most probable until Nico gambled 1 to many times and left his opponent in the goal square unguarded and got caught up the ground after a turnover. The dogs were able to keep their unbeaten run going with a sound 100 point win and celebrated hard with the packed supporter group in the social rooms.

GISBORNE  16.  12.  108
SUNBURY    1.  2.  10

Danny 5, Peavs 2, Snake 2, Woody 2, Swartze 1, Pearty 1, Leigh 1,Ronny 1, Gav Penny 1.

Bretta, Ryan O'Meara, Danny Klaaysen, Rosco and Woosha, Gav Penny.

Gisborne 47s v Williamstown

Hi all, well the Gisborne 47s hosted Williamstown at home for the first time and did not know what to expect, but rumor had it they where a pretty tough group.

Well the game started with Williamstown getting the jump on the Gisborne boys in the first qrt kicking the first goal.To the Gisborne boys credit they fought back, but some inaccurate kicking cost them the first qrt lead. Williamstown 3-1-19 to Gisborne 2-4-16.

The second qrt saw the midfield switch on with Donny and Gavin winning the ruck contests, giving first use of the ball to McGee, Sticks, Wilson and Staley. This in turn gave the forwards good supply with Lyden marking strongly and kicking goals. The backs where well lead by Karl, Perks, Stan & Pommy.

Coley and Macca coming back from knee surgery who fitted in nicely with the other boys. The injury to Wilson left us one down on the bench. Irwin and Brun where running hard on the wings giving good support to our midfielders. Half time scores Gisborne 6-4-40 to Williamstown 5-2-32.

The third qrt seen total domination by Gisborne, with the rucks and on-ball brigade running riot, with the forwards getting first use of the ball with Callaway snaping a great goal, Lyden kicking a swag and Andrews chipping in with 1 for the first time in a couple of games and captain courageous Granty making his long awaited debut.

Pearce, Crick and Grant where putting on great forward pressure which created turnovers and scoring opportunities. The backs where on fire with all them tacking control keeping Williamstown scoreless in the third term. Gisborne 10-5-65 to Williamstown 5-2-32.

Well the coach told the boys to kick the first to goals to put the game out of reach of Williamstown in the last term but to no avail. The Williamstown boys come out firing kicking 2 goals 1behind, to no score by Gisborne but the backs held on strong to stop many scoring opportunities the on-ballers where assisting and holding of a fast finishing Williamstown. The siren sounded and the game was won by Gisborne.

Just a quick note to say thanks to “Pretty Boy”, Chris Staley who played his last game on Sunday. We appreciate all his efforts at the club as a player, a past coach and a good bloke. Hoping your future is good to you and your family.

Ps you are always welcome to visit and say hello from everyone at Gisborne masters good luck.

GISBORNE          10.  5.  65
WILLIAMSTOWN  7.  6.  48

Lynden 6, Callaway 1, Grant 1, Andrews 1, Murray 1.


Gisborne 35s v Werribee
19 June 2011

Gisborne 35's took the trip across to Werribee in what was thought to be a risky game. Coach Kemp's phone was running hot ringing players, and on Saturday night he received the call he had hoped would never come that Big Gav Penny was ill and could not take his place in the side. So Gisborne without Penny, Morris, Loebman, Lee, Mudge, Kraljic, anyways enough about the 10 or so that could not play. Lets talk about the 16 players that took the field in the game which was changed to the old VFA rules with no wings and this gave both teams a chance to move the ball with ease due to the openess of the big Werribee ground.

The Bulldogs took control from the word go with the onballers winning almost every centre break and giving our forward line first use time after time. With Fill in ruckman Pearty making a contest in the ruck the Bulldogs were able to run the ball into offense and whenever the ball reached the backline Ryan O'Meara was able to marshall the troops and repel the ball back into the hungry Gisborne forward outfit. After a steady first qurater of 7 goals 4 to 1 goal 1 the Bulldogs then started to get hungry and coaches Kemp & Purcell were irate at the main break as wayward kicking left the half time score at Gisborne 10:10 70 to Werribee 3:2 20.

So after the cook at half time bake the Bulldogs went out and answered the coaches stinging barbs with some champagne football, Bretta, Rosco and the midfield took control and the forwards were dominant with Danny Kicking 8 and Snake who was coaxed into playing at the last moment also chimed in with a lazy 8 himself while Leigh playing off half back kicked 5 also. The Werribee side were not able to stop the flow and the ball was going into the forwardline faster than the 47's going through the esky on a bus trip.

The boys were able to Kick 21:5 to Werribee no score to run out winners on the day.

GISBORNE  32.  15.  207
WERRIBEE   3.    2.    20

Danny 8, Snake 8, Leigh 5, Peavey 4, Ronnie 3, Toddy 1, Johnsy 1, Slids 1, Nico 1 (9 point drop kick goal)

Bretta, Rosco, Snake, Robbie and Cameron with Matt Todd playing the small forward role with perfection.

Gisborne 47s v Werribee
19 June 2011

Gisborne played Werribee on the weekend at Chirnside Park and when the team got to the ground there was no sign of the opposition. We wondered if there was going to be a game at all but with the help of a few blokes from Williamstown they got a team together and the game got underway.

The Bulldogs struck early in the game kicking away in the first term. Donny was controlling the ruck with Stevie and Bruce getting numerous clearances. Lyndon and Kempy were proving effective targets up forward, making the most of their opportunities while Leigh, Tony and Rod kept pressure on the Werribee backline if there was a turnover. Stan and Sticks were injured early which reduced the numbers on the bench but this didn’t stop Gisborne leading comfortably at half time.

The second half continued as the first, Gisborne holding sway in the centre and gaining drive from Paulo, Kenny and Rhino on the wings. The backline outplayed their opposition forwards with Perks, Gary, Karl and Pommy all defending well and providing forward momentum off halfback.

Gisborne went on to win the game by 28 points. Paulo was at his angry best and Chris played a great first game. It was good to see Kenny back on the field after his recent injury and Donny got the mug for bringing his mate for a game.

GISBORNE  9.  8.  62
WERRIBEE  5.  4.  34

Urquhart 3, Kemp 2, McGee, Grech, Wilson, Williams.

Brun, Perkin, Kemp, Wilson, McGee, Irwin.

Gisborne 35s v Colac
03 July 2011

On a cold Sunday afternoon Gisborne had their usual 30 blokes who turned up for a home game expecting to belt the opposition into submission. Little did they know that the struggling Colac boys would only be able to manage about a dozen keen participants, however the stark reality hit home when coach Kemp supplied the Tigers with some hepfull fill ins (Big Gav, Puss, Mudgee, Angry, etc) and you should have seen the faces on the Bulldogs faithfull when Big gav was asked to take a Colac jumper to help out.

The first half was played at a ferocious pace with Bretta, Rosco and the Dave Kraljic using the ball well through the midfield and Ryan O'meara was rebounding well off Half back. Dicky McKibbin in his first game or the club was nominated captain by coach Kemp and picked up umpteen possessions on his wing. The big septic John Loebmann rucked well all day against Big Gav and was able to hurt the big fella with some damaging marks around the ground and chimed in with a goal. Darren Woodier or "Woodsy" as he would rather be known was particularly damaging taking the ball inside 50 on several occassions.

At half time the score was approx 13 gaols to 3 points for the Colac boys, Angry handed back his Colac jumper (apparantly his auntie came to see him play???) and Bretta, Ryan O'Meara, Nico, Leigh, Puss and Big Gav were used to give the struggling boys from Colac a hand. The second half was a much tougher affair for the Gisborne boys and they did not have it all their way. Colac were able to score 5 majors and were also able to put enough pressure on the Gisborne boys that the game became good hit out for all.

Not sure who scored all the goals, however I know Lyndon kicked a couple (after weeks of bludging in the 47's has come back down to his age group), Leigh kicked 1 for Colac and Nico snapped a beauty from about thirty out showing coach Kemp he may be an option up forward one day.

The main message out of this game was that Masters footy is not all about beating teams by 30 goals, it's about fun and giving blokes the opportunity to get out on the park every second sunday, and more importantly talk some crap with their mates and have a beer.

Next game is against the Murray Crays so get your $150 into Kempy ASAP and make sure you book your seat on the bus.

Dooc, Woodsy, Bretta, Rosco.

Gisborne 47s v Craigeburn
03 July 2011

The boys from Gisborne arrived early to set up the rooms and were greeted by bleak conditions, drizzly rain and an oval that had been cut up by the five games already played over the weekend.

Craigeburn got away to a flying start while the ball was dry and kicked away in the first quarter. Despite the efforts of Mick Lewis on the last line of defence, Craigeburn managed to boot four goals and get away to a handy two goal lead at the first break.

The rucks were going at it hard with Donny crashing into the opposition ruckman at every stoppage (except the one where they missed each other and both fell over). Stevie and Bruce were in and under the packs and Gary was attacking the ball with everything he had up forward. The second quarter saw Paulo produce the goal of the year, a big barrel from the centre square (or was it even further?). By half time Craigeburn had kicked away and lead by just over six goals.

As the ball got heavier and the conditions worsened the game became more of a slog. The backline was depleted with injuries to Karl and Macca, but the desperation of the rest of the backline showed out with Mick, Perks, Noel and Coxy all putting in a solid efforts. Kenny gave himself the job of tagging ex-AFL player, Alan Ezard, while Rod Crick copped a ripper shirtfront but showed true determination to keep going and play out the game.

Meanwhile up forward Leigh Calloway was crumbing well and booted two goals and was well supported by Nifty and Diesel. Kenny ran the length of the ground to have a shot but his legs were so tired he only managed to kick it straight to the opposition player standing by himself in the goal square. Tony also had the ball on a string amassing the great stats of one mark and one kick.

Craigeburn only kicked one goal in the second half while Gisborne managed to kick three goals, four behinds but Craigeburn’s first half lead was too much to overcome.

The next game is an away game against Diamond Valley on July 17th.

GISBORNE       5.  8.  38
CRAIGEBURN  9.  5.  59

Leigh Calloway 2, Paulo, Stevie, Nifty.

Mick Lewis, Kenny Grech, Donny Thompson, Ryan Irwin, Stevie McGee.

Gisborne 35s v Murray Crays
17 July 2011

The Bulldog boys all left early on a dreary Saturday morning for a change, thanks to snakes donation to cover the cost of a deluxe coach bus. With Col Turner at the wheel the Bulldogs boys were all looking forward to the trip away.

The game started at frenetic pace with Gisborne doing well in attack albeit that it wasn’t long before the injuries started mounting, 1st Danny was gone, then Troy was carted off the ground on a stretcher with a knee but was still able to dance the night away ??? Both Ronnie and Snake with complete loss of movement due to calf and quad injuries . The Bulldogs were still able to score freely and had no problems controlling the game in the first quarter.

The second quarter sore the Crays kick two quick goals and the pressure was mounting on the Gisborne dogs. Big Ritchie Palmer went down in the back half and we thought it was game on. To the boys credit they all lifted, Aided by great efforts by all the on- ballers, Woosha, Big Gav (Must have been his extra work with the Macedon 2’s), Bretty and Rosco all had a great game. A coaches special mention must go to our only moving target up forward Schwartzy who had his best game to date . With Gisborne well in control the skipper Beardy moved himself from defence into attack and for a bloke that couldn’t move in defence (Did I mention it was his man that kicked there only two goals) you should of seen him move like a panther when he was within 20 metres of goal.

Great effort by usual 47’s medic Rowdy who pulled on the boots and both Ronnie who kicked seven and Snake with five majors to stay on and help get the Bulldogs boys across the line.

Due to the size of the ground all the boys were looking forward to a well earned drink and we didn’t let the locals down by lapping up their great hospitality. After enjoying the best buffet on offer in the Masters comp at the Stump, the lads hit the town. We all got home in one piece after a few badly calculated stops , Glenrowan and Euroa and I can’t remember the next stop but all went well with Snake being last man standing with the wood in his hand as we entered sunny Gisborne . You had to be there!.

Thanks again to the Murray Crays.

GISBORNE          21.  13.  139
MURRAY CRAYS  2.    3.    15

Gisborne 47s v Diamond Valley
17 July 2011

During the week it looked like the Bulldogs weren’t going to have enough players to make the trip down to Diamond Valley, but thanks to a few extra players from Bendigo, Ballarat, Echuca and Melton we managed to get a team together.

The game was even for the first quarter when Gisborne had first use of the breeze. Both teams had kicked one goal each and the game was in the balance. A tricky wind made scoring difficult and Diamond Valley kept the pressure up right across the ground. Mick played at full forward and proved the perfect decoy for Paulo’s 65 metre goal (yes they are getting longer).

The second quarter saw the opposition use the breeze better than Gisborne. Although the Gisborne backline kept plugging away, Diamond Valley managed to gain a four goal advantage by the long break.

The news was all down hill in the second half with Gisborne failing to trouble the scorers and ladder leaders, Diamond Valley hitting top gear. They took control all over the ground and continued to break the lines while going forward. There was little the undermanned bulldogs could do to resist.

Paulo, Rhino, Bruce and Kenny kept trying all day across the centre and Chris (from Wodonga) rucked all day at the same time as providing a target around the ground. Gary continued his form from the last game throwing everything at it when the ball made it into the forward line while Craig was made captain for his first game and provided one of Gisborne’s highlights for the day when he won the toss.

Special thanks to the “ring ins” who allowed us to have a game.

The next game is an away game against Williamstown on July 31st.

GISBORNE                 1.   3.    9
DIAMOND VALLEY  13.  10.  88


Team Effort.

Gisborne 35s v Moorabool Valley
31 July 2011

Gisborne Bulldogs passed their toughest test of the last few years after winning a thrilling affair at Moorabool on Sunday. The game was played at a cracking pace from the word go with Gav Penny up against the best ruck combination we had played against in a while and Bretta and Rosco also had their work cut out against the Peter Riccardi led Moorabool engine room.

The dogs without their inspirational coach John Kemp were being steered by the "Hoff" Burnie Purcell who gave the Bulldogs a serve at half time given that they were not prepared to chase and were overusing the ball which led to several turnovers. Albeit that Moorabool had the run of play in the first half and the fact that the Bulldogs had let them dictate terms the margin was only approx 18 points at the long break.

The third quarter saw Bretta and Rosco take control in the midfield along with Woosha who also managed his share of take aways at the stop play and were able to give Scotty Trezize and Wozza O'Meara a chance to convert some much needed 6 pointers. With a healthy 4 goal breeze the Mooraboool team were thwarted by a backline led by the "Hoff" and some great defensive efforts by Matty Mudge at full back. The Gisborne outfit seemed to have plenty left in the tank at three quarter time when the "Hoff" pleaded with his charges to run over the top of the Moorabool Crocs with the healthy breeze that they had. Bouyed by the arrival of some of the 47's inclusing Coach Kempy the Bulldogs started the last quarter 22 points down and proceeded to win the ball time and again out of the centre and delivering to Wozza, Snake, Scotty and Woodsy who were able to convert and put the pressure back on the Moorabool troops. The backline once again stood up strong and only allowed a couple of late goals, however all the attacking by the Bulldogs was able to gain control and give the Bulldogs a handy 7 point win.

Next the Bulldogs play Melton at home in what is sure to be a tough outing, news through the Kempy grapevine is that Melton are keen to end the Bulldogs run of wins so get down to training and ready yourself for the tussle.

GISBORNE                    10.  10.  70
MOORABOOL VALLEY  10.  3.   63

Wozza 3, Snake 3, Scotty 2, Gav 1, Woodsy 1.

Matt Mudge, Wozza, Snake and Burnie.

Gisborne 47s v Williamstown
31 July 2011

Once again it looked like the over 47’s weren’t going to get enough players to have a full team but with the assistance of a few blokes in the 44-46 age bracket we managed enough to get the bare eighteen players together and made the trip down town. Williamstown, unfortunately, had other ideas about the younger guys taking the field and we were almost made to forfeit. Luckily common sense prevailed and the game went on, ironically with a few of Williamstown’s younger blokes taking part because they had too many players in the lower aged team, go figure??

Unfortunately for Gisborne the Williamstown boys had come to play and get even after Gisborne beat them earlier in the season. Revenge was swift as they had first use of the strong wind and weren’t threatened for the rest of the day.

Hendo provided most of the highlights for the Bulldogs’ booting two goals and providing a good marking option in the goal square. At the other end of the field Gary Wilson was also playing well and holding strong contested marks. The midfield, including Kenny, Rhino, and Craig tried hard all day while under immense pressure.

Paulo and Stan had both had a “big day” the day before and failed to produce their usual flair. Paulo booting the ball another 65 meters, only this time it took him six kicks to get it that far. Donny went down with a serious ankle injury and the St Johns ambulance was called on to the ground. Donny struggled into the back but then realised how much flack he would have copped if he was carted away, so he jumped out and walked off by himself.

The next game is at home on August 14th.

GISBORNE             2.   3.    15
WILLIAMSTOWN  17.  6.   108

Hendo 2.

Team Effort.

Gisborne 35s v Melton
14 August 2011

The Melton boys came to town with all the noise being that they were going to be gunning for the slick Bulldogs outfit. The game was played on a sunny albeit windy afternoon and the pace was on from the word go, Coach Kemp had to swing some changes with Scotty Trezise being called into the ruck to replace Big Gav "Tim the toolman" Penny who managed to drill through his hand and curtail his season whilst Burnie Purcell was called into the important CHB position to replace Wozza O'Meara who has been busy stopping many a teams forward advances. The Bulldogs were off to a great start with Scotty more than competitive and Bretta, Rosco and Woosha getting great inside 50 ball for our forward devision who were ably lead by Beardy and the cameo appearance from the Prez Karloz manging to kick early goals to put the pressure on the Melton brigade.

The scoreboard for the whole day never really indicated the true toughness of the game with Melton winning their fair share of the ball and putting heaps of pressure on the Bulldogs backline. The Dogs were well served by Slidds who was ruthless in defense and continuously ran the ball out of the backline and also manged to snag himself a goal on one of his forward thrusts. The Dogs went into the half time break with a good lead but Coach Kemp implored his charges not to ruin his perfect coaching record, he went back to his usual "Good sides never lose from this position" speech and asked for his chargers to come home with the same intentsity.

The last half was a bit of a tennis match with both sides being able to run the ball the length of the ground and get their fair share of score, The Bulldogs were serviced well by the usual suspects of Bretta, Rosco, Woosha, Dickie McKibbin chimed in as well as Slidds off half back. The Melton boys fought hard all day and manged to outscore the Bulldogs in the last quarter however the margin stayed pretty much as it was all day with the Gisborne boys managing to get over the line by some 33 points.

So now we go onto the last game which sees the Bulldogs up against Castlemaine on the 28th at 2:30 pm, so some of you boys who are "home Game Specialists" should make yourself available for the finale of 2011.

GISBORNE  11.  7.  73
MELTON      6.   4.  40

Ronnie 2, Rosco 1, Karl 1, Beardy 1, Dook 1, Snake 1, Woodsy 1, Swarta 1, Slidds 1.

Slidds, Rosco, Bretta.


Gisborne 35s v Moorabool

After a week of constant rainfall the boys from Moorabool made the journey over to what could only be described as very slippery, boggy conditions. The game was very willing from the get go and albeit apart from a few flashes of brilliance from Rosco, Bretty and also Sid Jones of Moorabool the rest was a dour slog. The margin was 2 points in favour of the away side at quarter time and also 2 points at the long break, the Bulldogs came out in the "Premiership" quarter and were able to kick 4 goals to Moorabools 1.

With big Gav Penny winning the ruck all day the Bulldogs were able to get the ball down to Danny, Beardy and Ronnie who kicked four of the side’s seven goals between them and go into the last with a seventeen point buffer.

Both sides entered the last quarter and needless to say that legs were tired and all players were willing the siren (well Billsy's car horn) to blow, Moorabool were looking the stronger side kicking 1 goal 2 points in the last whilst the Bulldogs could only manage 3 points as the tired legs would not allow for straight kicking. The Bulldogs kept their unbeaten run going with a 12 point win over the well drilled Moorabool outfit and now go into the last game against Sunbury with coach kemp willing the team to "Dare to Dream" and perhaps have that miraculous unbeaten season.

Special thanks must go to Ian Storie who helped us out all day umpiring two games, whilst Stan and gav Glennister did the goals and Mick for carrying out the trainers roll in Kelly's absence.

"Bring on Sunbury"

GISBORNE       7.  8.  50
MOORABOOL  5.  8.  38

Danny 2, Ronnie 1, Beardy 1, Snake 1, Big Gav 1.

Bretty Taylor, Craig Beard, Ross Johns, Gav Penny.

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